Pickleball Camps

Barry Waddell has been teaching camps for over 40 years and understands that a group setting can be extremely beneficial in watching the development of others. Barry’s philosophy is quite simple as he is laser focused on the fundamentals of the game. He believes that good technique gives good results! Barry learned his proprietary system from his older brother who is still teaching tennis in Miami, Florida. After attending one of his camps, “you will have the ability to know exactly why you are missing your shots and most importantly how to correct them.” This self teaching and self correcting method allows participants to be able to master the skills required for each of the Pickleball strokes. Technique is taught right along side tactics so you will not only be more consistent but you will learn where and when to hit the ball. Call Barry to inquire about one of his upcoming camps or arrange for a camp in your area.

May 29th – June 25th Cleveland, Ohio

June 25th – July 13th St. Cloud, Minnesota

July 16th – July 21st Lake Odessa, Michigan

July 22nd – July 25th Rockford, Michigan

July 26th – July 31st Minneapolis, Minnesota

August 1st – August 7th Rochester, Minnesota

August 8th – August 13th Eau Claire, Wisconsin

September 12th – 17th Montreat, North Carolina

September 18 – October 1st TBD