Gearbox Paddles

I started playing Pickleball in 2009 and at that time there were only a couple of paddles on the market including the dinosaur all wood paddle. During the years that followed, I would continue to wait for a better mouse trap to be built but it seemed like it would never come. I learned that most of the paddles consisted of a honeycomb core either Nomex (cardboard-like material), or Polymer (Plastic). The problem is that plastic and cardboard are cheap and inferior materials which breakdown quickly. It was a good thing that I was getting my paddles free because I was going through one a month. The companies basically cut out the core, glue on the face, glue on the handle, and glue on an edge guard. Lots and lots of glue and you know what happens when things are glued to together…they eventually become unglued! Not only did I have to deal with the “dead spots”, I had numerous paddles where the handle broke off, the face delaminated, and the edge guard separated. Sound familiar? Fast forward…two years ago I was at the US OPEN and discovered Gearbox. I was highly skeptical because I had pretty much given up on any new technological advances in Pickleball paddles. However after speaking with the owner and engineer of the company, I soon realized that my wait was finally over. If you trace the evolution of tennis rackets, it is similar to Pickleaball. Initially there were wood rackets, then steel, then aluminum, and finally carbon fibre. For almost 50 years, tennis has been using predominately graphite materials because of their superior attributes. Now Gearbox has the ONLY Pickleball paddle on the market that is truly constructed of graphite. No plastic or cardboard core! No plastic edge guard! No glued on handle! No glued on face to delaminate! As I get older, I am always trying to find things that will help slow down father time. This paddle has literally improved my game by at least 25%! More spin, more power, more control, more feel…it’s a no brainer! Do you want a thick plastic cumbersome paddle moving through the air or a thin aerodynamic carbon fibre paddle that you can maneuver quickly? The hitting surface goes all the way to the edge so no more edge guard miss hits. One piece unibody construction makes this paddle the most durable on the market. After two years, I am still using my original paddle every day! To order a Gearbox paddle call me today and I will help you customize the paddle that is geared especially for you.